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May 232012
Know your Place(mats)!

I found these place mats at a country show years ago and I still love them.  They make me giggle (especially the froggy one – haven’t explained that to the kids yet!).  They are by Tangent Art and annoyingly I cannot find their original website – hoping they haven’t given up trading.  However, I did […]

May 212012

I LOVE lemons….and my son has inherited my hankering for them.  I have always gone for the lemon option on a pudding menu and maintain the lemon flavour is the best one in a packet of Starburst.  My one and only craving in my three pregnancies was…lemon!  Lemon sherberts, lemon tart, lemonade, lemon curd…and today, […]

May 212012
Stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto

This is a dish of my own invention!  So not particularly difficult then…. All I did was put of dollop of Le Roule cheese in a chicken breast and then wrapped the breast around to cover the cheese.  Then I wrapped each breast in 2 slices of prosciutto (but bacon, parma ham etc. would work […]

May 182012

This week I discovered a new website: Foodisan.  Foodisan is a fantastic company that showcases a plethora of scrummy goodies that come from small, independent food producers.  Such producers can’t always afford to give their products the marketing they deserve, especially on a limited budget and Foodisan gives them the opportunity to sell above and […]

May 172012
FOODIES100 Jubilee Challenge

Foodies100 were throwing down the Jubilee gauntlet to create something bakey and jubilee-ey and also win lots of Dr Oetker stuff to bake even more stuff with! So, I had a think…Jubilee….Queen….Corgis! This is my baking effort to celebrate the Jubilee!  Although not (really) for the corgis! I made vanilla biscuits and then iced them. […]

May 142012
Cod & Chorizo with Green Salad

This is a healthy and delicious meal with some of my favourite flavours in it – chorizo, lemon and thyme – yum! Serves 2.   Fry 90g of chorizo chunks over a high heat for about 5 mins, then remove from heat and stir in the thyme. Put 2 skinned cod fillets in a roasting […]