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Oct 052012
Smartie Cookies

Who hasn’t been coerced to buy these beauties in the supermarket for wide-eyed children….or, indeed, just for yourself?  Well, now you can bake them at home!  Easy to do and, if they don’t eat them all first, the kids can help put the Smarties on the top.  I actually preferred them the day after I made […]

Jul 102012
Savoury Tart (or cheat's pizza!)

The other night I opened the fridge door with a heavy heart, wondering what I could rustle up for the old man’s supper….There were the left overs from making the kids’ pizza and half a sheet of jus-rol puff pastry.  So I went for Cheat’s Pizza or as I sold it to Husband ‘Savoury Tart’. […]

Jul 052012
Chicken Pie for Kids

My children exasperate me daily with their refusal to eat anything remotely diverse.  Try as I might, getting anything that could be even loosely termed ‘vegetation’ into my son is a mission I have yet to complete.  My youngest daughter is two and fluctuates between trying random stuff to only accepting weetabix.  My hope lies […]