FOODIES100 Jubilee Challenge

Foodies100 were throwing down the Jubilee gauntlet to create something bakey and jubilee-ey and also win lots of Dr Oetker stuff to bake even more stuff with!

So, I had a think…Jubilee….Queen….Corgis!

This is my baking effort to celebrate the Jubilee!  Although not (really) for the corgis!

I made vanilla biscuits and then iced them.  Using royal icing I lined the biscuits and then flooded them with runnier icing to fill them in.  They may look like fancy bonios, but I can assure you they were very yummy.  In fact I needed to eat four of them to make sure of this.

To make the biscuits: beat 1 large egg with 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence.  Sift 100g of self raising flour and 350g of plain flour together then rub in 125g of cold diced, salted butter to make fine breadcrumbs. When evenly mixed add 125g golden syrup and the egg mix and form into a dough.  Squish the dough into 2 flat discs and refrigerate for half an hour before rolling out and cutting. Bake at 170ºC for 14-18 mins.  When cooked (just turning golden – don’t overcook!) remove carefully with a spatula and transfer to a cooling rack.  Careful though else they’ll break…

To ice:  I make the line icing by mixing 900g of royal icing with 150ml of cold water.  To colour use a gel and dip a cocktail stick in the dye and then mix in.  Keep going until you get the colour you want, but believe me, it happens very quickly!  Using a fine nozzle and a steady hand, pipe around the cooled biscuits to form an outline.

To make flooding icing you repeat the above but add enough drops of water to make it a smooth mixture with the pouring consistency of custard.  Then with a thicker nozzle, fill in the biscuit until it is fully covered but not overflowing.

Let them set and admire them with patriotic pride!  Then eat them.  And DON’T give them to the dogs!

3 Replies to “FOODIES100 Jubilee Challenge”

  1. look fab, could of been more patriotic with red, white and blue icing. did you have a cutter or did you hand shape them? I dont have a steady enough hand to pipe but yours are well done

  2. You are quite right, they should have been red and blue lined! It was a 'what's in the cupboard?' scrabble around…

    I have a bone-shaped cutter for the job! I seem to collect cookie cutters…can't help myself!

    Maybe I'll re-bake…*whispers* wasn't expecting to win, just thought I'd corgi it up a bit ;)

  3. On reflection, I would like to point out that purple is the colour of royalty in iconography….

    …that was OF COURSE what was on my subconcious. Absolutely.

    God Save the Queen.

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