Funky kitchen stuff

As much as I love cooking, I may love kitchen gadgets/cookware even more.  I am a sucker for kitsch especially.  With this in mind, I thought I would share with you my latest acquisitions that my sister bought me for my birthday (she knows me so well!).

The items are from Fred.  The first is the Russian Doll measuring set.  It measures cups, half cups etc with the bottoms and the tops in use!

The second is letter cookie cutters which allow you to bake your own ransom note!  These are very cool and great to use with the kids too – spelling and baking at the same time! Ta-da!

Having totally fallen for these I foolishly googled what else Fred does and now have a wish list.  First on my Fred list are the Gingerdead Men and the Ninjabread Men – if only because I do like a good pun!  And biscuits…..I like biscuits too. Especially ginger ones.

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