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Jul 162012
Meal Planning Monday #3

This week is the start of the school holidays so I can no longer rely upon my children (and husband) being fed at school and get to cook properly for them!  As I love cooking and have THREE new recipe books to utilise I am very happy about this.  I am trying to get my […]

Jul 092012
Meal Planning Monday #2

I have decided to make it a regular thing and join up on At Home with Mrs M‘s weekly linky of Meal Planning Monday. It is the last week at school for Husband and kids so, as always during term time, I allow for the fact they have a cooked meal and pudding at lunchtime and […]

Jul 032012
Meal Planning Monday

I know, I know… it’s Tuesday but I’m getting there. I have seen a linky called Meal Planning Monday and always mean to have a look and finally I got my act together!  I found it on At Home with Mrs M. I always plan the week’s meals; partly because in times of recession, it […]