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Jul 042015
Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs have always been a favourite in our family. There is something very satisfying about making your own. And mine are baked, not fried so they are a filling and guilt-free lunch or snack. And what’s even more fabulous is that, because I use sausages (not sausage-meat),  you can make them more interesting by […]

Nov 022013
Oeufs en Cocotte

This is a recipe I love having for brunch…it’s right up there with Eggs Benedict.  And you can easily make a vegetarian or meaty version. You will need (to serve 4): 4 ramekin dishes 200g washed spinach 50g butter 4 slices of streaky bacon OR 8 chestnut mushrooms 4 eggs 4 tbsp double cream truffle […]

Jan 012013
How do I make.....Eggs Benedict?

This is a classic recipe and perfect for brunch.  If you are vegetarian, there is Eggs Florentine which is just as delicious. The two scary parts are poaching the eggs and making the hollandaise sauce.  But fear not, I am now a dab hand at this and can help you out! Eggs Benedict is basically […]

Oct 012012
Eggs in Purgatory

Nigella Lawson, you are truly wonderful.  Having seen you make Eggs in Purgatory on ep.1 of Nigellissima I then laughed so much at your preamble in the book, I had to read it out to my OH.  Then, this morning, I made it (and I don’t even have a hangover). O.M.G. If Greg Wallace likes […]

Jul 102012
Savoury Tart (or cheat's pizza!)

The other night I opened the fridge door with a heavy heart, wondering what I could rustle up for the old man’s supper….There were the left overs from making the kids’ pizza and half a sheet of jus-rol puff pastry.  So I went for Cheat’s Pizza or as I sold it to Husband ‘Savoury Tart’. […]

Jun 252012
Cheesy Marmite Whirls

If you don’t like marmite, then shame on you and go no further… These are completely stolen from a recipe by my best friend’s Auntie Jean and I take no credit at all in their yumminess, but feel they should be shared with the world!  As indeed they were at said friend’s wedding recently.  I […]

Feb 252012
Poached Eggs #2

Yesterday was my birthday and I got a fabulous Imperia pasta machine and also the Julia Child cookery Bible ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’.  It was to this I turned for poached egg advice.  Ah, Julia!  She came up trumps!  Following her instructions to the tbsp my results were much improved, in fact Husband […]