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Dec 192012

How to cook the perfect Christmas Dinner – a few tips It’s one of the most important meals of the year – one you don’t want to get wrong. The pressure on your shoulders to deliver a brilliant meal is huge! But never fear, you are not alone. Far from it. If you’re freaking out […]

Dec 092012
A Gingerbread Gift

I saw this in the Waitrose Weekend paper and thought I would a) make it for my child’s teacher and b) share it with you.  It is so difficult to find nice gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg and this really appealed to me.  I would love to receive it and because it […]

Dec 052012
Hootycreek Cookies

These scrummy little cookies are SO moorish, you’ll have to be careful not to scoff them all in one sitting.  The cranberries give them a festive flavour and they are perfect to offer to family, friends and hungry carol singers.  Honestly, I can’t effervesce enough about how nice they are – what they lack in […]

Nov 262012
Magical Mince Pies

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…’ So that can only mean one thing.  Yes, it is time to rustle up a batch or ten of mince pies.  Whether it’s the school fair, party time, Grandma coming for tea or just to indulge in with a cup of tea and sit down, the humble […]

Nov 252012
Christmas Pudding

“Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people!”  That was once the reading from the Book of Common Prayer in church on this day and it has incited people to also stir up their suet and fruit!  Today is Stir-up Sunday, the last Sunday before advent when traditionally the Christmas […]

Nov 182012
Christmas Gingerbread Tree

The lovely people at Bakestore sent me some cookie cutters to try out. Or so I thought….what they actually sent was a full on tree kit. How to make a tree out of gingerbread stars. Momentarily I thought they had seriously over-estimated my baking skills. Then I saw the tree for sale in M&S for […]