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May 132012

  13 Responses to “Silent Sunday”

  1. Love her stuff! Did you buy anything? :)

  2. gorgeous colours and patterns!Could have fun spending in there xx

  3. Her stuff is fab, have a bit of it adorning my kitchen….. Hope you brought up large….

  4. ooh i love that, need to visit that shop :)

  5. very pretty :) x

  6. Pretty!

    Herding Cats

  7. I could buy the lot just give me a credit card…

  8. I didn't buy anything, but mainly because the postman had delivered a lovely red cardboard box to me that very morning….I wonder who that was from?!

    I was VERY tempted though….and there was a sale table!

  9. Was this the factory shop? On my list of things to do this summer :)

  10. Oh god, the thought of my kids in there…

  11. Could spend a fortune there

  12. Wouldn't want my kids anywhere near that lovely display of china!

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