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Jun 052012
Easy tray bake (with icing)

This is a very easy tray bake/birthday cake/bake sale type of cake.  I made two this morning for my son’s birthday party tomorrow, but they are so easy you could easily rustle one up as a pud or a snack. To make the cake, I preheated the oven to 160ºC and greased/lined a 20x20cm baking […]

May 312012
Mario birthday cake

My son had a last minute change of mind about his birthday cake.  Since he was born he has always had a dinosaur cake, as his bequest.  Again, this year it was his cake of choice.  Excellent, thought I, done it before – easy peasy!   Then last week he announced he would like a Mario […]

May 292012
Carrot Cake

My husband loves carrot cake, so what better thing to bake him for his birthday cake?  As aforementioned, we are going to be cupcaked out by the end of next week, so I thought it would be better to make his cake a bit different from the endless sponge that is to come go for […]

May 282012

It’s competition day.  That is, ‘send your child in with cakes for their birthday and out-do all the other mums’ day.  I am mildly competitive.  OK, very.  So adorned in my fav Cath Kiston apron (yes, I have two!) I set about making lemon cupcakes for my son to take into school.  Thier elegance was […]

May 282012

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and then 3 days later it is my son’s birthday.  Next week it’s his party. So this week I shall be blogging about fusion food.   Only joking, it’s all gonna be about cake, cake, cake! In the next 10 days have to make: 1 grown-up birthday cake 20 cupcakes […]