Birthday Boys

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and then 3 days later it is my son’s birthday.  Next week it’s his party. So this week I shall be blogging about fusion food.  
Only joking, it’s all gonna be about cake, cake, cake!
In the next 10 days have to make:

1 grown-up birthday cake
20 cupcakes to take into school
1 dinosaur cake
12 jubilee cupcakes (with the added hazard of being ‘helped’ by my kids)
1 large traybake cake, decorated for a party of 16 ravenous children
I have just put a Waitrose order in and the amount of sugar and butter that’s on there is embarrassing.  It’s one of those orders that makes you want to explain yourself to the delivery man as he heaves it up the garden path.  Like when I order about 9 bottles of wine because it’s my fav and on offer.  I’m sure he clanks it down on the doormat and thinks ‘luuuush!’.  Which is, perhaps, not without merit, but I feel I need to chirp up with ‘It’s not all for me!’ which means exactly the opposite.  Just not all at once.
I digress; so back to the mountain of cake I have to make this week.  I will of course do my best to document the baking frenzy that will engulf the house and try not to lick ALL the bowls I use (this is my little guilty pleasure).  Lord knows what they’ll turn out like and with all the glorious sunshine we’re having I am sure they will be a gooey mess by the time we get around to lighting the candles.  To make it worse, I am on dieting (again) and cannot partake in the eating part which, let’s face it, is the best bit.  Maybe a slither….a good cook should always taste their food after all…..

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  1. Birthdays are like buses, they always seem to come in groups. I'm making 100 cupcakes for my daughter's school's Jubilee Picnic, typical that there is so much baking in this heat. Good luck with all of yours!

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