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May 112012
Linking up with Mammasaurus blog, can you think of a witty caption for this photo?  
Actually any caption will do….

  11 Responses to “Saturday is Caption Day”

  1. decisions….decisions!!!

  2. Something beggining with 'W'?

  3. the manager was inspired after reading Motherventing's blog about class.

  4. If Jesus shopped in Tesco this would be his favourite aisle!

  5. Mummy arranged it that she could say she thought she was buying water

  6. Water for kids, wine for Mummy

  7. All the essentials covered then

  8. Welcome to the new Mother and Child aisle and its 3 for 2

  9. Hoping the wine is 3 for 2!!

  10. Otherwise know as the Jesus aisle ;)

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