What was that wine called again……?

Aha!  You need an app and I have just the one!
For years I would drink a bottle of wine (usually whatever was on offer) and think ‘Ooh – that was really nice.  Must remember that one for next time’.  Of course, next time came and I would be patrolling the wine aisle of Waitrose looking for it.  Then it would strike me that I actually got it in Tesco.  Or was it Sainsbury’s?  Maybe even the garage on the late night wine run….
Then with the arrival of an iPhone came the world of apps.  And in my newbie enthusiasm I, of course, searched ‘wine’.  The app I found is called Memorable WInes and basically you can photograph and record a wine you like – grape, year, price etc. plus your own notes (i.e. got it at  Tesco!).
It’s not flashy or anything, but works really well and is perfect for what I need it for which is wandering up and down the booze aisles trying to match up the label and wine.  Here are a few pics to whet your appetites…you may know of other/better ones but I’m sticking with this one for now.

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