Meal Planning Monday #2

meal planning monday

I have decided to make it a regular thing and join up on At Home with Mrs M‘s weekly linky of Meal Planning Monday.

It is the last week at school for Husband and kids so, as always during term time, I allow for the fact they have a cooked meal and pudding at lunchtime and so supper is a lighter meal.


Baked Potatoes


Spaghetti (or biscetti as my son calls it) and meatballs


‘Hot Dogs’ ie sausages in a finger roll with cucumber & carrot sticks


Gnocchi with tomato/basil sauce and mozzarella


Home-made pizza with garlic doughballs (a Friday night ritual!)


Daddy’s chicken (kids)

Nigella’s Linguine with lemon, garlic & thyme mushrooms (us)


We will be stuffing ourselves The Glynde Food Festival (look out for my interview with some of  the chefs!)

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  1. I’m intrigued by “Daddy’s Chicken” ! The rest sounds delicious too. I made Nigella’s linguine once, but just for myself and didn’t halve the ingredients properly so it was a total fail. i would love to try it again!

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