Meal Planning Monday

meal planning monday

I know, I know… it’s Tuesday but I’m getting there.

I have seen a linky called Meal Planning Monday and always mean to have a look and finally I got my act together!  I found it on At Home with Mrs M.

I always plan the week’s meals; partly because in times of recession, it allows you to budget and not overspend or waste stuff.  Also, it is such a manic rush at the end of the day that knowing what I have to prepare/cook saves a lot of time and energy (and arguments!).  It also allows me to get my Waitrose order in for the week.  In fact I am waiting for this week’s delivery as I type.  Having the shopping delivered saves a lot of money.  Less opportunity to browse and impulse buy, Waitrose deliver for free and it saves on my petrol and you get all the offers you would normally get in store.  Plus the delivery man is always cheerful.  Even on a rainy day.

Anyway, on with the show….


Toasties (kids)  

Goats’ Cheese & Onion Tart (us)


Sausage & home-made chips 


Baked potatoes


Home-made chicken, pea & ham pasties


Home-made pizza with garlic doughballs (kids)

Curry (us)


Stir-fry, chicken noodles & rice




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