Meal Planning Monday #3

meal planning monday

This week is the start of the school holidays so I can no longer rely upon my children (and husband) being fed at school and get to cook properly for them!  As I love cooking and have THREE new recipe books to utilise I am very happy about this.  I am trying to get my eldest daughter interested in cooking and helping me in the kitchen.  Not just cakes and biscuits, but main meals and snacks.  It’s an ongoing project and I am twitchy about letting her loose with a knife, but I suppose if you don’t do it, you never get better.  That reminds me, I must get some more plasters…..


Today we shall be eating whatever I bought at the Glynde Food Festival yesterday.  This could last all week.. ;)


Gino’s gnochetti with courgette


Toad-in-the-hole with onion gravy served with fine green beans and baby carrots


Picnic as we are off to meet friends at Alice Holt Forest.  It will include my home-made sausage rolls, dinosaur shaped sandwiches and I might even make some scotch eggs..


Home-made pizza with garlic doughballs (a Friday night ritual!)


Home-made curry – haven’t decided which kind yet but I am going to use up the rest of the sri-lankan curry powder I made last week!


Roast – probably chicken as I can, at least, guarantee the kids will eat it!


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  1. I was allowed to use knives from an early age. I am now over 40 and still have all my fingers. Lovely meal plans. I love home made curries. Always tastier and less greasy than take away ones.

  2. I let my 2 yr old do knife work (albeit with my hand over hers and my hand securing the stuff to be chopped). Go for it – the sooner a child learns how to use knives safely and have respect for them, the better! The worst thing you can do, in my opinion, is to give her a blunt knife to use. Your menu sounds fab – far more inspired than my weekly fare!

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