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Jul 252012
Foodies100 Ten at Ten

I was very pleased to be allowed to write the Foodies100 Ten at ten this week.  Click here to see what I said and do have a look at the blogs – I have made an effort to include some blogs that whilst brilliant, are not so well-known.

Jul 172012
Glynde Food Festival 2012

This was the first year I had visited the Glynde Food Festival and it certainly won’t be the last.  We were lucky with the weather.  It was St. Swithun’s Day and the only day in months when it has not rained, in fact the sun was positively shining!  Set in the beautiful grounds of Glynde […]

May 232012
Know your Place(mats)!

I found these place mats at a country show years ago and I still love them.  They make me giggle (especially the froggy one – haven’t explained that to the kids yet!).  They are by Tangent Art and annoyingly I cannot find their original website – hoping they haven’t given up trading.  However, I did […]

May 182012

This week I discovered a new website: Foodisan.  Foodisan is a fantastic company that showcases a plethora of scrummy goodies that come from small, independent food producers.  Such producers can’t always afford to give their products the marketing they deserve, especially on a limited budget and Foodisan gives them the opportunity to sell above and […]

May 142012
Another Monday, another diet....

Due to the enormous amount of pastries and biscuits I have consumed in recent weeks (not sure why) I have decided to dig out my Atkins book, ignore most of it but de-carb.  Again.  I do this at regular intervals and it really does work and as a sufferer of IBS I feel much better […]

May 112012
What was that wine called again......?

Aha!  You need an app and I have just the one! For years I would drink a bottle of wine (usually whatever was on offer) and think ‘Ooh – that was really nice.  Must remember that one for next time’.  Of course, next time came and I would be patrolling the wine aisle of Waitrose […]

May 082012
The Glynde Food & Drink Festival

This year we are going to the Glynde Food & Drink Festival, set in the grounds of Glynde Place, East Sussex and the lovely organisers have agreed to let me chat to some of the chefs and blog about how marvellous it is! I haven’t been before, but it promises to be an amazing day […]