Boeuf Bourguignon

Ha!  I can finally spell it without looking it up!  
Today’s supper (or tomorrow’s lunch) is to be Beouf Bourguignon, something I’ve never cooked before.  I am going to use the Lorraine Pascale recipe as I seem to get on very well with her (except the paella….).  I was explaining to Husband what is it and he replied ‘So, it’s basically stew?’.  Well, yes I suppose so but stew doesn’t sound very sexy whereas boeuf bourguignon makes you slide into a dodgy French accent and alliterate.
Anyway, it doesn’t look too tricky and I do like a recipe you can make one day and serve the next with the notion it improves with standing.  Chilli is great for that.  I am hoping the kids will try some although I imagine they’ll take one look and ask for sandwiches.


Boeuf is in the oven.  I am slightly worried for two reasons.  One is that I am only making it for me and the old man so I halved the recipe and I am a bit worried about cooking times…..Maybe I should have made the whole lot and frozen half?  It is meant to cook for 2.5 hours so I reckon I’ll knock off half an hour…..*fingers crossed*
Secondly, the recipe seems so easy I am concerned about how I am going to mess it up, which I invariably will.  Perhaps my recipe halving will have done the trick, or the fact that I put all the liquid as Marsala when I should have halved it with Burgundy or stock…..(I know, Marsala is Italian but Lorraine assures me it works.  Just annoys the French).
Ooh!  It was lovely!  So much so, Husband and I mopped up the juices with the kids’ leftover chips (I know, shocking behaviour) and I am making it again for friends coming over next Sunday lunch.   I actually forgot to take a photo of my wondrous creation, so I have posted somebody else’s instead, but it looked very similar…..yum!

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