Julia Child

Julia Child

On recommendation of BFF I have just watched the film Julie/Julia which is about two things I love, no – make that three.  Blogging, Cooking and Feisty Women.  I am resisting the urge to buy the cookbook now, having already hopped straight on to Amazon.  I have appeased myself by buying the kindle version of her life in France, but am quite keen to get ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ although I doubt I will cook from it as much I suppose.  I bought Elizabeth David’s ‘At Elizabeth David’s Table’ after seeing a docu-film on her and haven’t actually cooked from it although I do like to read it and think about her very interesting life (another feisty woman!).  I have a feeling Julia Child’s book may be too Americanised in its measures (I really don’t get ‘sticks’ of butter) and doubtless too meaty.  As a recent carnivore after 18 years of vegetarianism I still struggle to deal with meat that looks like it’s origin.  So I don’t think de-boning a duck is a likely occurrence in my kitchen!  However, I will put it on my birthday list – nobody ever knows what to get and it is something that I would really like to add to my cookbook collection.  Browsing through a cookbook with a pile of post-its and a cup of tea is always a good way to waste time.

A few days later……

Have decided not to be such a wuss and bloomin’ well cook a recipe!  Have spent more indulgent minutes browsing through Elizabeth David and reckon if I start off with something simple, I might even be able to work my way up the trickiness scale!As homage to Julia Child, I am making Beouf Bourguignon this weekend although, alas, not her recipe as I haven’t got the book!  Definitely laying large hints for my impending birthday……Lorraine Pascale it is (love her!)

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