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Jul 122012

pimms cuptail cupcakes

Aaaah….Pimm’s!  The epitome of the British summer, Wimbledon and…hang on a minute!  That’s not Pimm’s, it’s RAIN!!

Anyway, the unusual flash of sunshine this morning inspired me to share this recipe with you.  It is adapted from the Love Bakery cookbook and is a mixture of a cupcake and a cocktail – a cuptail!  Inspired!  I have tried these out on friends, family and the school secretaries and got a resounding ‘Hurrah’ and ‘Please can I have the recipe?’  So here it is….



125 soft unsalted butter
125g caster sugar
2tbsp Pimm’s no.1
2 eggs
125g self-raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
3tbsp semi-skimmed milk


125g soft unsalted butter
1tbsp Pimm’s no.1
2 drops lemon juice
150g sifted icing sugar
1dsp semi-skimmed milk


4 strawberries plus extra for decoration
2 slices of orange with peel removed
2 slices cucumber
About 4 mint leaves (+ 10 for decoration)

 How to make:

Preheat the oven to 180ºC (160 fan) and line a muffin tin with 10 muffin cases (use red ones if you have them).  In a mixer, cream together the butter, sugar and Pimm’s for about 7 mins or until light and fluffy.  Add the eggs, one by one, and mix for a further 2 mins.  Combine the flour and baking powder then add to the mix with the milk and blend for one more minute.  Dollop an ice-cream scoopful of mixture into each case and bake for 17 minutes in the centre of the oven.  I turn them once and put a small bowl of water at the bottom to keep them moist, but that’s up to you!  Cool on a wire rack when cooked.

For the filling you need to pulse all the ingredients in a blender until chunky/mushy.  Don’t go overboard else you’ll just have puree.  Use an apple-corer to remove the centre of each cake then fill the hole with the mixture.  Pop the sponge core back on top like a lid.

To make the icing, you need to cream together the butter, lemon and Pimm’s for 2 minutes until fluffy.  Add the icing sugar and milk and mix together for another 2 mins. Pipe the icing in a swirl on top of the cakes and decorate with strawberries and a mint leaf.

Arrange them on a nice white/silver plate and whisk them off to impress your friends and make them love you forever.


  7 Responses to “Pimm’s Cupcakes”

  1. Love it! Pimms and cake together, that works for me! New follower from the Brit Mums blog hop thingy

  2. Please can you bring some along when we meet up this hols – I know you are a better chef than me – although I will keep the receipe and give it a try.

  3. What a brilliant idea! More cuptails please!

  4. I just made these tonight, took a bit to Americanize the quantities, but they turned out wonderfully!

    • I have always thought the difference between American and English baking is madness! How can it be so different? Even to what we call the flour…
      I made an American recipe once and it took a lot of googling!
      Thanks so much for your feedback, I’m glad they turned out well. They are one of my absolute favourites.

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