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Oct 282013
How do I make....Meringue?

Ah, yes. The fluffy pillows of billowing meringue….crunchy on the outside, chewy within. Add a splurge of cream and some tart berries and just dissolve into a taste and texture sensation that is hard to resist. So, why did it take me years to actually feel brave enough to make it? Perhaps because whenever I […]

Apr 272013
How do I make.....Pesto?

I know, I hear your cries. Pesto Schmesto.  I make that all the time. Well, I don’t.  I tried it once before, forgot to secure the lid on the liquidiser and had bloody pesto EVERYWHERE. Over the ceiling, the worktops, the carpet (yes, IN the kitchen – it was my first flat) and pesto all […]

Apr 162013
Oven-dried Tomatoes

I am a lover of tomatoes, in all forms, but I must admit I prefer them cooked.  And yes, I was one of those people who had sun-dried tomatoes with/on everything a few years ago.  I’ve been having a play with a few suggested recipes for a sort of DIY version and wanted to share. […]

Apr 142013
You Gotta Roll With It....

I am a fan of Joseph Joseph stuff – I love the colours, quality and the practicality of it all.  So imagine my delight, when recently I was sent a Joseph Joseph gift set to review with a much coveted rolling-pin in its contents.  I know.  Most people set their hearts on a Tiffany necklaces or […]

Mar 182013
The BiB Awards

Today I offer a brand new recipe:   Ingredients: A large dollop of admiration for What Would Nigella Do? A computer, tablet or smart phone 2 minutes of your time A generous amount of loveliness   Method: Take your large dollop of admiration and mix it gently with your loveliness. Using your device of choice, […]

Feb 152013

Following a bit of twittering with the lovely Mat from Bakestore, he volunteered to send me a 12-hole brownie pan and asked me to come up with a brownie/Easter type idea. The pan is a brilliant thing.  It is of fantastic quality and is non-stick. It makes the perfect size brownies and they come out beautifully […]

Feb 092013
How do I make Refrigerator Cake?

Refrigerator cake is a sneaky cake if ever there was one.  Everybody’s recipe is different and changing a single ingredient can send people spiralling off into tirades, completely incensed that you might suggest an alternative! Some call it refrigerator cake, some call it tiffin, some call it rocky road.  They are all made on the same […]