nigellissima nigella lawsonNow, the name of my blog might have led you to believe I am a bit of a Nigella fan.  And you’d be right.  So have pre-ordered the new book I was equally excited to see the first programme in the new series, Nigellissima.  There are two reasons for this.  One; it’s Nigella.  Two; Italy.  I love everything about Italy; the people, the food, the culture, the architecture, the language and, of course, the wine.  Give me homemade pasta and a bottle of Gavi di gavi and I’m happy.

Nigella, of course, did not disappoint.  Settled in her to die for kitchen (I actually squeaked out loud at one point) the gorgeous Ms Lawson showed me how to make lots of things that had to be ‘strewn’ or ‘ooze’ and they all looked utterly delicious.  Even the steak and I’m a vegetarian.  It is her commentary that I love the most.  She speaks with onomatopoeic eloquence and makes me chuckle away on the sofa prompting quizzical looks from my OH.

I also share her love of kitsch and, seemingly, kitchenware.  I did, at one point, turn to OH and say ‘You see?  I should be friends with Nigella!  We have the same water decanter, same melamine cups for the kids, a kitchenaid and I have twinkle lights in the garden all year ’round like her’.  We could be BFFs……*dreams*

Anyway, suffice to say if you can take on board another cooking programme from the plethora that are filling our screens at the moment, then tune in.

I, for one, am planning on cooking italian this weekend…


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