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Jan 292013

badge2Yes, it is shameless pleading to your better nature, but I am asking for you to consider nominating me for the Mads Blog Awards.  What Would Nigella Do?  may not be the most polished or cheffy of food blogs, but I hope it is honest and, well, normal!  So, I would be very excited to see it on the list of nominees for Best Food Blog.

I can tell you’re keen….so

Copy my url http://whatwouldnigellado.com

Click the picture here or on the sidebar 

Follow the instructions and enter my url under Best Food Blog.

Of course, if you are really feeling generous I would love my other blog http://thevoiceofsarahmiles.com to be nominated for Best Blog Writer and Mad Blog of the Year.  But only if you think it worthy.

Sod that, do it anyway!

A bloggy friend said I should offer mini lemon drizzle cakes as bribery thank yous.  Always a possibility and I have just bought some lovely Wilton mini loaf tins which need trying out…..

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