The Mads Blog Awards 2013

badge2Yes, it is shameless pleading to your better nature, but I am asking for you to consider nominating me for the Mads Blog Awards.  What Would Nigella Do?  may not be the most polished or cheffy of food blogs, but I hope it is honest and, well, normal!  So, I would be very excited to see it on the list of nominees for Best Food Blog.

I can tell you’re keen….so

Copy my url

Click the picture here or on the sidebar 

Follow the instructions and enter my url under Best Food Blog.

Of course, if you are really feeling generous I would love my other blog to be nominated for Best Blog Writer and Mad Blog of the Year.  But only if you think it worthy.

Sod that, do it anyway!

A bloggy friend said I should offer mini lemon drizzle cakes as bribery thank yous.  Always a possibility and I have just bought some lovely Wilton mini loaf tins which need trying out…..

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