Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter

I don’t often do reviews and this is not sponsored or anything like that, but I wanted to write about Lisa Faulkner’s new recipe book ‘Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter

Lisa Faulkner is a model/actress and recently(ish) won Celebrity Masterchef.  It was during this series that I thought how nice she was and such a good cook!

Anyway, it was with great excitement that I saw she has recently released a book and last week Amazon duly dropped it at my door.

The introduction brought a tear to my eye.  The book is a testimony to her mother who died when Lisa was 16 and for her daughter, Billie, who was adopted after three failed IVF attempts.  It is this that, for me,  makes the book so poignant and although a recipe book, as you read it Lisa makes you feel like you are sharing a real history as well as some very well-loved dishes.

Aside from all this, the book is beautifully set out and full of very accessible recipes.  It is important for me that a recipe is ‘do-able’ for the everyday cook like me with a small kitchen and a temperamental oven.  And that the recipes are not too ‘cheffy’.  The  recipes are something I could serve to the whole family without rasied eyebrows!

My first attempt was the Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies.  Except I didn’t have any pots, so I served it as one big pie!  The result was tasty, looked good and was consumed with gusto.

Next stop, Rice Krispie Chicken!

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