My 5 Favourite Recipe Books

Joining in with Kate Takes 5 Listography I am sharing with you my current 5 favourite recipe books (in no particular order):

1.  Recipes from My Mother for My Daughter – Lisa Faulkner
A very recent publication and fast becoming a favourite of mine.  Scrummy, accessible recipes with the personal touch of the gorgeous Ms Faulkner.

2.  Home Cooking Made Easy – Lorraine Pascale
Just like her first book, all the recipes in here are delicious, and indeed, fairly easy.

3.  Hummingbird Bakery:  Cake Days
Yum.  Yum.  YUM.

4.  Feast – Nigella Lawson
I have all her books, this was my first and remains my favourite.

5.  At Elizabeth David’s Table
I don’t cook a lot from it, but love reading it and soaking up everything about this amazing woman.

8 Replies to “My 5 Favourite Recipe Books”

  1. Faulkners is just lovely -hers is a life of blessings and curses and her recipes are fab. The book is beautiful too…comes with a ribbon – always wins me over….

    Get both Lorraine Pascale books *whispers* she is up there with Nigella for me!

  2. Very impressive. I have Feast of that lot, but that's all. Will have to pick up a Lorraine Pascale one. One of my favorites is the Avoca cafe book- the first one, and I'd be lost without the original Delia bible I got from my mum as a wedding present all those years ago,

  3. I'm still to get both Lorraine Pascale books, love the tv shows though and the Lisa Faulkner one is already on my Amazon wishlist – just need someone to buy it for me now!

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