John, Greg, Lorraine, Paul AND Mary….

…No, it’s not the line-up for Louis Walsh’s new band but the return of some of my favourite chefs to prime time TV!  As Monday dawned I was busy sky+ing as later that evening was the return of Celebrity Masterchef AND Lorraine Pascale’s new series.  Then on Tuesday the Great British Bake Off started and the void of the Olympics was filled like Chantilly cream in a rum ba-ba!

celebrity masterchef

Celebrity Masterchef left me feeling rather elated.  I have always maintained that I am not a natural cook and whilst I can follow a recipe and have a few culinary skills up my sleeve, the thought of being given a box of ingredients and being told to make something delicious would floor me.  However, watching the contestants hack up a fish and NONE of them knowing how to make pasta and pesto I was left thinking that maybe I’m not so bad after all…..I could have certainly kicked butt in that episode!  I am still giggling about the expression on John Torode’s face when the pasta was, erm, created…

lorraine pascale

Lorraine was back on form and whipping up speedy and easy dishes with her usual style and enviable figure.  When the programme finished my husband declared

‘You know, I don’t think she can actually cook.’


‘Well, I could make what she cooks – it’s not hard!’

‘Erm, yes dear.  I THINK THAT IS THE POINT!!!’  Honestly.

I know people have differing opinions on Ms Pascale, but I adore her.  She seems genuinely lovely, which always helps.  And her recipes are perfect for the likes of me with limited skills, but trying to improve.  I use her recipes all the time and am resisting the urge to get the new book instead of putting it on the Christmas list.  (I have a moderate addiction to buying recipe books!).

great british bake off

The GBBO was fab.  And feisty!  The woman with the sharp bob looks like she will take no prisoners!  What I love about this series (apart from the silver fox, Mr Hollywood and Mary Berry) is that I learn a lot along the way, but from other people’s mistakes rather than my own!  Hurrah!  And then you get masterclasses of how it’s really done!  Brilliant!  I made Paul’s olive sticks the other day (recipe to come and they were deeeeelicious!) and had I not seen the GBBO and seen how you MUST follow Paul’s recipes no matter how ‘wrong’ the dough looks then I would have added more flour and messed it all up.  As it was, the dough looked revolting but turned out perfectly!

 I think Friday’s ‘Show and Tell’ might have to be My Favourite TV Food Show… to choose??!!


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