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Apr 142012
Notice anything unusual in my fridge……?

Please leave your wittiest caption then head over to Mammasaurus for some more!

  8 Responses to “Caption Day”

  1. ''I said I needed Gas…but not the kind you find in a can of Lemonade!''

  2. Well I needed to refuel as I am exhaust-ed!

  3. You were expecting Prince Charming maybe ?

  4. The Car-ton of milk was not quite as expected x

  5. When McMissle said he needed to chill out, this was not what he had in mind.

  6. I am trying to cool down. Leave me alone… But pass the grapes!

  7. oooo look at all that tonic! Ginnnnnnnnnnn :D

    *too distracted at thought of gin to actually caption *

  8. Lightning was feeling cooler than ever.

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