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What Would Nigella Do?I started this blog as a self-indulgence. Somewhere to go ‘TA-DA!’ Look what I made!  I also like to indulge in a bit of kitchen chatter about other foodie stuff – events, gadgets, celebrity chefs, books and ideas.

I used to be renowned amongst my friends and family for my inablity to cook. In Home Ec at school, I left the lemon out of my lemon meringue pie. Moving into my 20s, I discovered that I could burn soup, make inedible shepherd’s pie and, once, I baked a sponge that I could actually fold in half and it didn’t break.  It finished its days redundant on the bird table as even the sparrows turned their beaks up at it.  However, I always longed to improve and kept trying…..and then I found Nigella! The original domestic goddess. I attribute my love of cooking and new found capability to the gorgeously eloquent Nigella Lawson. Nigella inspired me to cook, eat and enjoy and thanks to her inspirational style of cooking I am now OK at it.  However, I still have a lot to learn and in times of culinary crisis I ask myself – What would Nigella do?

A bit of extra info…

What Would Nigella Do? was a finalist in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012.

Most recipes on here are easy to do – the aim of my blog is to provide do-able, tasty, everyday recipes for all those who (like I was) are a little bit culinary challenged….or just busy, busy, busy and need something that does not involve a lot of faffing around.  

I am a big fan of local/independent producers and can often be found perusing knobbly vegetables in the local farm shop.  

All posts and reviews are my own words and my own opinion.  The recipes I use come from a variety of sources; friends, magazines, websites and books. Some of them are even my own invention – beware! By the very nature of recipes, they are generally a copy/adaptation of someone else’s passed down along the line.  However, if I use an unchanged recipe from a book or website I always credit the original recipe and try to link to the source.  Hope that’s OK….

Sarah x

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